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No two stories can be told in the same way, and no two organizations’ goals can be achieved via the exact same tactics. Castle Communications provides public affairs, media and communications services with the expertise and personal attention necessary to help companies and organizations reach their objectives.

We know the vital importance of any organization’s brand. Reputation and facts matter. We can help craft and guide your message when and where it counts, from your local newspaper, to the boardroom, or to the halls of government.


Who we are

Founded with a vision to provide exceptional-level service, Castle Communications’ number one priority is helping clients achieve their goals.


Allison Castle

President & CEO

President of Castle Communications LLC, Allison Castle brings a no-nonsense approach to strategic communications and effective policy making. During a career spanning the worlds of business, government, nonprofits and politics, she has earned the reputation of an insightful tactician who always calls them like she sees them.

Allison is adept at assessing the state of an organization’s communications structure and helping build opportunities to connect, both externally and internally. 

Her keen mastery of the intricacies of state government was honed while serving as a senior advisor to the Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller, and at the Texas Department of Insurance. She has a firm grip on the state’s complex policy, legal and budget issues and a sixth sense about the communications implications of pending decisions, a sense that has been proven true, time and again, on some of the most important issues facing our state

Allison directly advised Gov. Rick Perry for more than six years in her role as his press secretary, communications director and special advisor. She crafted and guided the execution of a strategy that gained global attention for the Governor’s priorities, ranging from health care and public safety to establishing Texas as a biotech hub (“America’s ‘third coast’ for high-tech innovation”). She and her team garnered untold volumes of coverage for the state’s successful economic development efforts to bring global corporations and jobs to Texas.

Focused and diligent in times of crisis, Allison has helped guide the state’s media response through everything from public health emergencies and natural disasters to the Governor’s Mansion arson, renovation and grand reopening.

Allison and her team also deftly handled the media strategy, messaging and stakeholder engagement on some of the state’s most important legal cases before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Allison imposes tight communications discipline, crafts effective strategy and maximizes the impact of an organization’s story. Her strong relationships with the Texas political press and state leaders, easy alignment with senior leaders and sharp communications skills combine to make her an unparalleled asset to organizations anxious to shape the public conversation.


Matthew B. Thompson

Strategic Messaging

Matt Thompson is a messaging architect with an intuitive talent for crafting and shaping effective communications. From complex policies to abstract concepts to public awareness and fundraising campaigns, his talent brings to life a compelling narrative that conveys how and why they’re important, and how they’ll impact people’s lives. 

Matt helps organizations and individuals convey stories that are both compelling and memorable from the board room to the halls of government to key stakeholders.

The author of hundreds of speeches, letters and opinion pieces for CEOs, U.S. Senators, presidential candidates, governors and agency officials, his work has garnered state, national and international attention. Matt has crafted some of the most highly-anticipated policy speeches in Washington, D.C.

As the lead speechwriter for Texas Governor Rick Perry for four years and the author of the 2013 State of the State Address, Matt’s words helped cast influence across crucial industry sectors and core functions of government. He was responsible for the creation and execution of major publications, including the annual report for the Texas Emerging Technology Fund. He also authored and helped oversee the creative design of the end-of-term book for Texas’ longest-serving governor. 

A trusted advisor, Matt helped manage a 40-plus member team comprised of media relations, web, social media, Spanish-language media and constituent affairs. 

Matt is an award-winning journalist who has worked for six newspapers across multiple states. He recognized the need for newspapers to evolve and communicate with a technology-savvy consumer, helping bring two major Texas newspapers into the digital age.

His writing has appeared in national publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today and the New York Times and his speeches have been presented on three continents.


Steffany Duke

Account Associate

An award-winning journalist, Ms. Duke is a multimedia messenger with a gift for storytelling and connecting people to their communities. With roots in print and broadcast journalism, she’s written for numerous publications and outlets, and has years of experience bringing heartfelt and hard-hitting stories to Texans statewide via a variety of media.

She drew heavily upon her journalistic background, as well as her personal experience growing up in Southeast Texas and overcoming natural disasters, in leading media relations for the state’s crisis counseling program in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

As such, Steffany served as the liaison for five program service areas across east and southeast Texas, bringing thousands of people valuable information on disaster recovery and coping strategies. As editor of the program’s outreach magazine, she helped document the raw stories of Texans from the beginning to the end of their journeys through the rubble. The publication received high praise from both the state and from FEMA.

Working in the Office of the Governor, she researched policy and practices to communicate directly with constituents, crafted messages in the Press Office, coordinated press conferences, and worked with the Governor in the production and filming of multimedia content.

She worked extensively on the media campaign for the 2012 reopening of the Texas Governor’s Mansion. In that role, she led the research and compilation of the mansion’s historical timeline, and wrote numerous press releases and online materials for both Gov. Perry and First Lady Anita Perry.

From her time in television news to her subsequent work across many platforms, Steffany consistently demonstrates a keen ability to develop and deliver messages that resonate with the target audience.

What We Do

Strategic Counsel

Through years of experience at the highest levels of state government, and our experience working with both non-profit organizations, diverse coalitions and multi-billion-dollar, publicly-traded companies, we bring expert advice on how to best tell your story, how to quickly find and maximize opportunities, and help shape opinions.

Castle Communications offers our clients unique strategies and messaging to help you achieve the success you need.

Issue Management

Our team has worked extensively on issues at every stage of their development, from initial conception to final implementation and beyond, whether preparing for a government hearing or a case before the U.S. Supreme Court. As such, we have experience developing media strategies to lay the groundwork for legislative initiatives, to promote good will among stakeholders, and to repair public damage caused by a media crisis.

We know the importance of managing issues within an organization or business, to ensure everyone is on the same page and able to pull together toward a common goal.

Media Outreach & Message Delivery

Castle Communications knows how to read a media narrative and plot the trajectory of a story, which is essential in today’s fast-moving media climate. Today’s opportunity to insert a message into a public discussion could be gone by lunchtime. Castle Communications is adept at crafting a message, keeping it consistent and in front of a target audience in productive ways.

Internal Communications & Publications

Employees, boards of directors and stakeholders are fundamental to the success of any company or organization. Communicating effectively internally ensures decision makers are informed, hard work is recognized and achievements are celebrated. From internal newsletters to conference materials to annual reports you will be proud of, make the most of every opportunity to connect with the people closest to your mission.  



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